Boggle Solver powered by the Word Smuggler

Boggle Board Setup

Board Size
Creates a Boggle board from 3x3 up to 10x10.
Boggle Board
Manually enter each letter of the Boggle board; the letters will appear on the board as you type. Alternatively, just use the Random button to generate a board for you.
Solve Boggle
Solves the Boggle game. The board entered in the textbox must have the correct number of letters. In other words, the Boggle board must be completely filled with letters to enable the Solve Boggle button. No more. No less.
Generates a random Boggle board. When using a 4x4 board, you have the option of using various types of Boggle dice (see below: Boggle Dice).
Boggle Dice
Only available when using a 4x4 Boggle board. Provides the option of using Classic Boggle dice, the Revised Boggle dice, or use no Boggle dice when creating a random Boggle board. Not sure of the differences? See: The Boggle cube redesign and its effect on the difficulty of Boggle.

Boggle Board Actions

These actions are only availabe when a board has been solved.

Click a Word
Click a word and the letters will be highlighted on the Boggle Board using a heat map.
Click a Letter
Click a letter on the Boggle board and all words starting from that location will be displayed.
Once a Boggle board has been solved, copy the URL to send to friends.